Glass of Wine


Great Meals from Around the World

There is no single dimension to Lisa's menus. She is an extremely diverse chef, who can cook great meals from around the world, including:

  • American—Texas ribs to Carolina pulled pork, authentic rubs and spices to bring out the flavors from any region, plus all kinds of down home comfort food...her favorite!
  • Asian—Authentic restaurant "take-out" or creative twists with Asian- inspired ingredients.
  • Beverages—a dry Martini, the perfect Manhattan, a tad of sherry or a glass of cava before a meal... perhaps a Borolo over dinner...maybe a Sauterne to end the night—Lisa is not a Sommelier, but she knows what's good...and what goes with what.
  • Cheese—Lisa can put together the world's finest cheeses for before or after your meal.
  • Desserts—Infused Creme Brulee to Apple Pie A La Mode with creative touches for a special ending to a great meal.
  • Greek—Mediterranean is a favorite.
  • Italian—Lisa loves Italian food and knows what "Al Dente" pasta should taste like.
  • Jewish—Recipes that she learned from her mother-in-law...the best matzo ball soup, latkes and even hand-made gefilte fish.
  • Mexican/South American—Great spices, mole and the best guacamole north of the border.
  • Spanish—Lisa lived in Barcelona for 2 years where she became very familiar with the simple and rustic flavors of Spain, from Pescado a la Plancha to Paella.
  • Seafood—When you grow up in Oregon and live in Spain and Boston, you better know what to do with every morsel from the sea.